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Welcome to USEDCLOTHINGSITE.COM  We are your premier source for recycled clothing. We sell only top quality credential clothing.  Credential clothing-is clothing which has been donated. It is unsorted, untouched clothing donations which are left in the exact condition and in all original bags that the donator gave the items to charity or commercial recycling companies. Credential clothing is untouched unsorted and will contain shoes and accessories. We stock hundreds of thousands of pounds and can guarantee prompt delivery.  
20' container 15,000 lbs,  40' container 30,000 lbs,  53' container 40,000 lbs.                                          Minimum order 20' container $6750 (.45 per pound)
Top Quality Credential Clothing .45 cents per pound
           Call 800-933-9668 extension 7, 6, 15, or 14
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